Rowdy Bijland Unveils the Digital Frontier: Exploring Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Rowdy Bijland, Founder of Dutch Greenfields, (Speaking on Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship) to Inspire Digital Business Strategies at FiNext Conference
Rowdy Bijland, a strategic and creative thinker, is set to bring his wealth of experience in digital business strategy, innovation, and transformation to the forefront at the upcoming FiNext Conference. Privileged through his work to support leaders, teams, and organizations with digital business strategy development and execution, Rowdy will share insights into the ever-evolving landscape of digital business development.

Bridging Horizons: Prescott Adderley Unveils the Future of Fintech & Banking

Prescott E. Adderley, Esq., MBA, ICA, CCI, CIFP, Fintech Expert and Certified Blockchain Investigator, to Bring Regulatory Insights to FiNext Conference
[ Prescott E. Adderley, a seasoned Attorney, Chief Executive Officer, and Director with a comprehensive skill set in Fintech, compliance, and regulatory affairs, is poised to contribute his wealth of experience at the upcoming FiNext Conference. With over 11 years of expertise in compliance across diverse industries, including financial services, gaming, and insurance, Mr. Adderley is recognized for his proficiency in Anti-Money Laundering Reporting, Tax Reporting, and managing compliance units to ensure both efficiency and risk minimization.

Pioneering the Future: Anna De Sheds Light on Women in Fintech

Anna De, an accomplished Product and FinTech leader, is set to participate in the esteemed FiNext Conference, adding her wealth of experience and insights to the discussions at the intersection of Finance and Technology. Anna’s distinguished career includes key roles at PayPal and Meta (Facebook), where she has been a driving force behind innovative payment products across global markets.

Robert Serec Ignites Change: Advocating for a Cleaner World through the White Hydrogen Coalition

Robert SEREC, MBA IMD, CEO & Founder of White Hydrogen, to Showcase Leadership Expertise at FiNext Conference
Robert SEREC, MBA IMD, a distinguished Chief Executive Officer and Founder of White Hydrogen, is set to bring his proven leadership and turnaround expertise to the forefront at the FiNext Conference. With a career defined by the rapid transformation of underperforming companies and driving profits, Robert SEREC is recognized for his strategic planning, change management, and engagement-dri

Unlocking Tomorrow: Shivansh Rachit Explores the Future Landscape of Open & Connected Banking

Shivansh Rachit | Founder, Group President & Executive Chairman, Hedge & Sachs
A visionary pioneer and disruptor in the financial realm, Shivansh Rachit stands as a dynamic force at the helm of Hedge & Sachs, the eminent asset management firm based in Dubai, UAE, with a registered office in London, UK. With an illustrious track record of over eight years in the asset management sector, Shivansh brings unparalleled expertise and leadership to the organization.

Revolutionizing Real Estate: CA Amit Kumar Garg Explores the AI Impact on Fundraising Dynamics

“The Impact of AI on Real Estate and Fund-Raising Dynamics”
C.A Amit Kumar Garg, Chief Investment Officer of Tumuh Real Estate Middle East Fund, to Showcase Real Estate Expertise at FiNext Conference
C.A Amit Kumar Garg, renowned Chief Investment Officer of Tumuh Real Estate Middle East Fund and Managing Director of Bricks and Wood Real Estate LLC, is set to share his extensive expertise at the prestigious FiNext Conference. Known for delivering exceptional financial advisory services and real estate solutions, Mr. Amit Kumar Garg has played a pivotal role in propelling the growth of Bricks and Wood Real Estate LLC and steering the success of the visionary TUMUH Real Estate Middle East Fund.

Bridging Financial Frontiers: Pavan Verma Explores the Intersection of Fintech & Banking

Pavan Verma, CEO of Redian Software, to Spearhead Innovation at FiNext Conference
Pavan Verma, the distinguished CEO of Redian Software and Co-Founder of India Africa Capital, is poised to elevate the discourse at the upcoming FiNext Conference in Dubai. Renowned for his expertise in #corebanking, #digitalinsurance, #banking, and #insurtech, Pavan Verma brings a wealth of experience to the conference, emphasizing strategic growth and fostering valuable partnerships.

Mayur Panchal shares Insights on Shaping the Future of Financial Services through AI, ML, and Fintech: A Panel Discussion

Mayur Panchal, E-commerce Growth Specialist and Virtual CFO, set to Illuminate E-commerce Strategies at FiNext Conference
Mayur Panchal, a distinguished CPA (Certified Practicing Accountant) and CA (Chartered Accountant) with expertise as an E-commerce Growth Specialist and Virtual CFO, is set to share his transformative insights at the upcoming FiNext Conference at Dubai. With a specialized focus on the E-commerce Strategic CFO Framework, Cash Flow Maximization, Inventory Optimization, Operational Efficiency, and Transformative Reporting, Mayur Panchal is positioned as a thought leader in driving financial success within the e-commerce industry.