Charting the Digital Frontier: Mufti Ismail Ebrahim Desai Explores Islamic Banking Acceleration in Panel Discussion


Mufti Ismail Ebrahim Desai stands at the intersection of profound Islamic scholarship and extensive corporate exposure, making him a distinguished figure in the world of Islamic finance. Renowned for his versatile expertise, Mufti Ismail is slated to be a key speaker at the FiNext Conference Dubai 2024, participating in the panel discussion on “Accelerating Digitalization in Islamic Banking.”

With a rich background in advising on diverse financial deals, including trade finance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, Sukuk structuring, and deal advisory, Mufti Ismail has demonstrated his prowess in shaping the landscape of Islamic finance. His contributions extend to successfully structuring an asset management firm and certifying numerous firms, institutions, and banks for Shariah compliance.

A seasoned entrepreneur and major advisor to global markets, Mufti Ismail’s unique ability lies in providing both corporate and Islamic advisory services. His approach is underscored by a deep understanding of global corporate finance and Islamic finance, allowing him to create and deliver unique products to clients worldwide.

Mufti Ismail has played a pivotal role in major capital raisings for firms and companies, earning him honorary accolades and acknowledgment from some of the world’s leading financial institutions. His influence extends beyond the realm of academia, as he actively engages with international professionals, contributing to the development and evolution of Islamic finance practices on a global scale.

In addition to his advisory roles, Mufti Ismail is a prolific author, with his book translated into 12 languages and utilized in educational institutions worldwide. His extensive knowledge has resulted in the issuance of over 4,500 fatwas, showcasing his commitment to providing guidance on Islamic finance and economic matters.

Mufti Ismail’s participation in conferences further underscores his international reach and the impact of his contributions to the field. As he joins the FiNext Conference Dubai 2024, attendees can anticipate valuable insights and perspectives on accelerating the digitalization of Islamic banking, guided by his unique blend of Islamic scholarship and global corporate expertise.

About Global Islamic Financial Services Firm :

Global Islamic Financial Services Firm (GIFS) is a leading global audit, advisory, tax, accounting, investment management, and corporate finance firm with a strong Islamic finance practice.

From market-leading audit and advisory solutions to innovative investment management and corporate finance strategies, they empower clients to navigate the world of Islamic finance with confidence. Their dedicated teams possess deep industry knowledge, across sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture, ensuring tailored solutions that meet specific needs.

At their core lies a profound commitment to Sharia-compliance. Their esteemed advisory board, composed of seasoned scholars and financial experts, provides guidance, ensuring every transaction adheres to the highest Islamic standards.

With a presence across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, GIFS boasts a vast understanding of diverse legal and regulatory landscapes.

Their track record speaks volumes: 100% profitability in investment portfolios, $800 million assets under management, and $4.3 billion in deal advisory. They have played a pivotal role in creating over 4,530 jobs through their executed deals, contributing to economic development and prosperity across the globe.

About FiNext Conference:

FiNext Conference is a global platform that brings together professionals, thought leaders, and innovators from the finance and technology sectors. The conference aims to foster collaboration, facilitate knowledge exchange, and explore the transformative potential of emerging trends in finance.


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