Anne-Sophie Perret

Anne-Sophie Perret
Anne-Sophie Perret

About Anne-Sophie

Anne-Sophie Perret is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in Compliance, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Web3, and advisory roles. Graduating from NEOMA Business School and currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, she is known for her expertise and insightful contributions in various domains.

Throughout her career, Anne-Sophie has served as an Advisor to the Board and Entrepreneurs, focusing on strategy, ethical conduct, governance, risk management, and compliance. She strongly believes in leveraging risk to benefit companies, emphasizing the importance of good corporate governance in achieving strategic goals and turning visions into reality.

An advocate for simplicity and sustainability, Anne-Sophie excels in delivering practical solutions that are easy to understand and implement. Her strategic approach is enriched by her extensive experience as a change agent, emphasizing the crucial role of people in driving successful transformations.

Anne-Sophie remains at the forefront of innovation, constantly exploring new concepts and technologies such as AI and Blockchain to create cutting-edge solutions. She is committed to assisting firms in developing and implementing their strategies effectively through digital transformation.

Known for her results-driven mindset, intellectual curiosity, and commitment to fostering transparency and fairness, Anne-Sophie is a trusted partner in any professional setting. Her ability to challenge conventional thinking, engage with diverse stakeholders, and lead team development sets her apart as a dynamic and impactful leader.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Anne-Sophie is dedicated to making a positive impact on social and environmental issues. Whether advising on financial crime compliance using AI, spearheading blockchain initiatives for financial inclusivity, or establishing ethical business frameworks for infrastructure projects, she is determined to contribute meaningfully to the world.

With a focus on human capital development, team coaching, and simplifying complex problems, Anne-Sophie embodies a holistic approach to leadership. Her ability to see the big picture, ask incisive questions, and tailor solutions to various audiences underscores her effectiveness as a strategic advisor and change agent

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