Esta Kapital Fintek

Esta Kapital Fintek
Esta Kapital Fintek

Esta Kapital is a Peer-to-Peer lending company that is secure and licensed by OJK, operating in Tangerang Selatan, Banten. With 360 followers and 11-50 employees, Esta Kapital is dedicated to supporting the empowerment of micro-entrepreneurs across Indonesia to achieve financial independence.

Rooted in the grand mission of Esta Corporation, Esta Kapital was established to enable micro-entrepreneurs to thrive financially. The company believes that financial independence should not be limited to business owners alone but should be extended to all layers of society. Their goal is to provide the public with a financial instrument that can grow their funds with attractive returns while also supporting micro-business empowerment in Indonesia. In doing so, Esta Kapital aims not only to achieve financial independence for both parties involved but also to contribute to economic equality for all Indonesians.

As a bridge between prospective investors and micro-entrepreneurs in Indonesia, Esta Kapital offers an online platform for individuals looking to invest, thereby promoting economic equality. The company’s presence provides an easy and fast alternative for fund development, believing that through collaboration and synergy with the community, economic equality in Indonesia can be accelerated.

A quick look at Esta Kapital’s progress shows a steady growth in their team, indicating their commitment to expanding and enhancing their services. With employee numbers ranging from 16 to 13 over the span of two years, the company’s consistent presence in the industry is evident.

Esta Kapital’s journey is fueled by a vision of a financially inclusive society where every individual has the opportunity to grow their wealth while contributing to the development of micro-enterprises. By fostering a culture of cooperation and inclusivity, Esta Kapital is poised to make a significant impact on Indonesia’s economic landscape, driving towards a future where financial empowerment is accessible to all.

Through their innovative approach and unwavering dedication, Esta Kapital is on a mission to reshape Indonesia’s economic landscape and empower individuals across the nation towards a prosperous and financially secure future.

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