Nathan Adamson

Nathan Adamson
Nathan Adamson

Nathan Adamson is a Fintech Advisor, Former Co-Founder, Angel Investor, and self-proclaimed History Nerd based in Charleston, South Carolina, United States. With a diverse skill set and a passion for innovation, Nathan is a 2X Co-Founder known for his action-driven leadership style and entrepreneurial mindset.

Having studied at the University of South Carolina, Nathan has honed his expertise in various areas such as GTM strategy, B2B2B, B2B2C, APIs, big data, payment strategy, open banking, digital verification, embedded finance, strategic partnerships, and vertical SaaS technologies. His technical acumen and strategic approach have enabled him to navigate the intricate world of financial technology with ease.

With over 11,070 followers and a network of 500+ connections, Nathan is well-respected in the industry and is known for his ability to forge meaningful relationships and collaborations. His passion for history adds a unique perspective to his work, enriching his understanding of the past and its impact on the future.

Nathan’s expertise lies in developing GTM strategies, fostering B2B2B and B2B2C relationships, harnessing the power of APIs and big data, and implementing cutting-edge payment strategies. His knowledge of open banking, digital verification, and embedded finance sets him apart in the competitive fintech landscape.

Moreover, Nathan is experienced in building strategic partnerships and leveraging vertical SaaS technologies to drive growth and innovation. His track record speaks for itself, as he has successfully co-founded and led ventures that have made a lasting impact on the industry.

In summary, Nathan Adamson is a dynamic and forward-thinking professional with a passion for driving change and making a difference in the world of fintech. His diverse skill set, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit and historical insights, position him as a leader in the field, poised to take on new challenges and drive future innovations in the industry.

About Radtab:

Radtab is a payment technology that provides mobile solutions at nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.  Radtab allows customers to open, view, & close their tab directly from the iOS & Android app.  When using Radtab customers no longer have to wait to open or close their tab; In addition they have the ability to monitor their current tab in real time and can tip and pay when they are ready.  Our software bridges the gap between smartphones and a venue’s POS machine, which in turn brings greater convenience to the customers and provides the bar staff with the ability to process 30% more tickets during peak hours, which drastically increases volume and revenue for the bar owner, but more importantly helps their venue with real-time chargeback protection and multiple points of fraud protection built within our Venue Owner Dashboard. All possible with no changes in POS setup, hardware, merchant gateway and processor, or training for staff.  Radtab also offers Apple Pay and Gpay as payment options for EMV and pay at the table setups. Radtab is bringing innovation to hospitality one bar tab at a time.

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