Anas Jawed

Anas Jawed, Advisor, FiNext Conference
Anas Jawed, Advisor, FiNext Conference

Anas Jawed – Entrepreneur, Technology Expert, and FiNext Awards & Conference Advisor

Anas Jawed is a dynamic entrepreneur and technology expert based in Noida, India. Currently, he serves as the head of the Indian office of Perfect Timing Technologies, a prominent technology company based in Germany. With a passion for innovation and a deep understanding of the fintech landscape, Anas has made significant contributions to the industry.

Even before completing his MBA at Aligarh Muslim University in India, Anas was actively involved in creating and launching startups in the country. Drawing upon his expertise in international business, technology, and entrepreneurship, he has played a pivotal role in the success of these ventures.

As an engineer, Anas co-founded InternetShine Technologies in late 2014, where he served as a Technical Project Manager overseeing the company’s acquired projects. With a focus on website and mobile app development, he has demonstrated his technical prowess and remained at the forefront of the ever-evolving fintech industry.

In 2018, driven by his keen interest in fintech and recognizing the industry’s need for a dedicated networking platform for finance technology entrepreneurs and investors, Anas and his team inaugurated the FiNext Awards & Conference. This groundbreaking event has since become a prominent gathering for industry professionals, providing a forum for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and recognition of outstanding achievements in the fintech field.

As an advisor for the FiNext Awards & Conference, Anas brings his extensive experience, strategic insights, and entrepreneurial spirit to the table. His dedication to fostering innovation and connecting industry players has been instrumental in shaping the success of the event.

Anas Jawed is a visionary leader, driving positive change in the fintech industry and empowering entrepreneurs to reach new heights. His contributions continue to make a significant impact on the industry, and his expertise is highly sought after by organizations and professionals alike.

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