Michelle Bothe

Michelle Bothe, CEO, Finsure Consulting
Michelle Bothe, CEO, Finsure Consulting

Michelle Bothe is a driven professional with a wealth of experience in the insurance and technology sectors. As the CEO of Finsure & Faroe, she is a respected figure in the industry, known for her expertise in insurtech and consulting. Michelle is not only a problem solver but also a tech stack architect, serial entrepreneur, and software builder.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Michelle is passionate about driving innovation where insurance and technology intersect. At Finsure, she leads a team dedicated to simplifying complex processes for MGAs/MGUs of all sizes. Michelle excels at navigating the tech landscape, whether it involves policy migrations, accounts receivables, or developing custom marketplaces and data warehouses to help insurers thrive in the digital era.

Innovation is at the core of Michelle’s work at Finsure, reflected in Faroe, their groundbreaking SaaS solution designed to streamline insurance operations. Beyond financial clarity and automated policy servicing, Michelle is committed to making life easier for her clients.

With a focus on policy administration systems and payments, Michelle is known for her expertise and collaborative approach. She is dedicated to finding optimal solutions for the unique challenges faced at the intersection of technology and insurance. Michelle’s ultimate goal is to pave the way for a brighter, more accessible future by addressing complex issues at the crossroads of tech and insurance.