Robert SEREC

Robert SEREC, CEO & Founder
Robert SEREC

Robert SEREC CEO & Founder, White Hydrogen My leadership career can be defined by my ability to QUICKLY drive profits by extracting top performance from employees.

Several times, I’ve specifically been brought on to turnaround underperforming companies. Though the reasons varied, I was able to develop unique strategies to transform each organization. In stable environments, I helped drive new growth and identify additional savings opportunities.

As CEO of Pomurske Mlekarne, I increased profits within my first few months. Along with senior-level roles, I have served on boards and delivered business strategy consulting. My history of driving enterprise-wide improvement initiatives has spanned industries such as gaming, education and manufacturing.

Early in my career, I had the privilege of receiving mentoring from executives within Lactalis Ljubljanske Mlekarne, Slovenia’s largest commercial dairy company. I rapidly advanced, ultimately serving as Deputy Executive Director of this 1,000-employee organization. My key strengths:

With a distinct ability to see beyond what seems possible, I have been able to rapidly transform organizations.

A committed team accounts for 90% of change, so I’ve made engaging employees a priority – leading to structural changes in a relatively short time. My motto is “work together and win together.”

To maximize profits, it’s vital to have an effective strategy. I have been able to drive organizational improvements by integrating all available resources into a solid plan.

My education includes an MBA and BS. I am fluent in 6 languages, (Slovenian, English, Serbian, Croatian, French, and German), which is as an asset when navigating the world of international business, finance, and politics.

Additional strengths include:change management, strategic execution, negotiations, turnarounds, project management, supply chain management and business plan preparation, and financial management (cash management, risk management, cash flow)