Simon Hardie

Simon Hardie, CEO & Founder at Findexable
Simon Hardie, CEO & Founder at Findexable

Simon Hardie is an Editor & Digital Innovation Catalyst with expertise in Insight & Content Strategy, and Venture Ecosystems. He is based in London, England, United Kingdom. With a strong following of 5,861 and over 500 connections, Simon is a prominent figure in his field.

He is currently active in roles such as Consultant, Partnerships Specialist, Business Development Manager, Insights Director, and Content Editor. Simon’s areas of specialization include global financial services and innovation content, as well as thought leadership.

He serves as a content manager & innovation ecosystem advisor for digital ecosystems in MENA and fast growth markets. Simon is also the founder of the Global Fintech Index. His current projects involve global trade and investment program development for the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, content strategy for a leading African fintech provider, supervising fintech research programs across EMEA and Nordic regions, and preparing a report on the link between fintech and financial inclusion for Newsweek.

Simon’s expertise lies in content & campaign design, insight & analytics, corporate identity, positioning, scale-up acceleration, innovation thought leadership strategy, and content development.