Thejo Kote

Thejo Kote, Airbase
Thejo Kote, Airbase

Thejo Kote is the Founder of Airbase, located in San Francisco, California, United States. With a strong network of 7,453 followers and 500+ connections, he is a prominent figure in the business world.

His expertise and leadership have played a crucial role in the success of Airbase. Thejo Kote’s innovative vision and strategic thinking have driven the company to new heights, making it a standout in the industry. His dedication and commitment to excellence are evident in the growth and reach of Airbase under his guidance.

As a second-degree connection, Thejo Kote’s influence and impact extend far beyond his immediate circle, shaping the future of the business landscape. Whether through his thought-provoking insights or visionary leadership, Thejo Kote continues to inspire and lead in the world of entrepreneurship.

Thejo realized he needed to move to the epicenter of the tech startup world after his first company’s software thrived in India but ultimately failed to break through globally. This was around the time of Twitter’s meteoric rise, and he couldn’t help comparing his company’s performance! SoThejo chose to pick himself up and go again and his decision to move to the United States, get a master’s degree from UC Berkeley, then start another company in 2011 proved to be the right one.

Automatic, which he co-founded, was sold to SiriusXM for $110 million. Thejo’s experience at Automatic revealed that widespread inefficiencies of accounting and finance in small to midsize companies can actually curtail a company’s growth. The most inefficient area he saw was non-payroll spend – no one had designed a fully articulated, consolidated software solution to fix this broken process. So he did; he started Airbase.

Airbase was founded in 2017, and so far has raised $30.8 million in venture funding from leading VC firms including Bain Capital Ventures, First Round Capital – and from others including the former CFO of Netsuite and co-founder of Okta, Airbase has gone on to become the world’s leading spend management platform.