Yasmine Faik

Yasmine Faik
Yasmine Faik

Yasmine Faik is an accomplished professional whose career has been marked by her expertise in data management, digital transformation, and her invaluable contributions to the financial sector. With a strong track record of leading transformative projects and a visionary approach to leveraging data for business growth, Yasmine has made a significant impact throughout her professional journey.

– Driving Data Transformation at Société Générale Maroc:

Yasmine Faik’s career took off when she joined Société Générale Maroc as a project manager. During her time there, she successfully led projects of strategic importance, focusing on data transformation. Notably, Yasmine spearheaded the revamping of the bank’s decision-making system, a large-scale project that aimed to enhance operational efficiency and drive better business outcomes. Additionally, she played a pivotal role in establishing a robust data governance program, ensuring that data assets were effectively managed and utilized to drive value across the organization.

– Leadership at Deloitte and Sanlam:

Following her successful tenure at Société Générale Maroc, Yasmine Faik joined Deloitte as the head of the Analytics and Information Management practice. In this role, she continued to showcase her expertise in data-driven innovation, helping clients harness the power of data for strategic decision-making and digital transformation. Her strategic insights and guidance enabled organizations to leverage data as a valuable asset, driving business growth and competitive advantage.

-After her time at Deloitte, Yasmine joined Sanlam, where she took charge of the IFRS17 program and led the data transformation initiatives. Her leadership and expertise in data management were instrumental in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and leveraging data as a strategic asset to drive operational efficiency and business growth.

– Chief DATA Officer at Bank of Africa:

Yasmine Faik’s career trajectory led her to Bank of Africa, where she assumed the role of Chief DATA Officer for the group’s 17 subsidiaries. In this key position, she played a crucial role in leading the data transformation initiatives across the organization. Her expertise in data management, coupled with her visionary approach, allowed her to drive data-driven strategies, streamline processes, and optimize customer experiences. Yasmine’s contributions were instrumental in unlocking the power of data to foster innovation and enhance business performance.

– Entrepreneurial Ventures and Industry Recognition:

Building on her extensive experience and expertise, Yasmine Faik ventured into entrepreneurship, founding FY Consulting, a company specializing in digital transformation. Additionally, she co-founded Factualys, a consultancy firm focused on data management, further establishing her expertise in the field.

Yasmine’s remarkable achievements and contributions to the data and digital transformation space earned her global recognition in 2022. She was honored as one of the top 100 leaders worldwide who have harnessed the full potential of data to drive business growth. This prestigious accolade was bestowed upon her by HotTopics and Wandisco, solidifying her reputation as a trailblazer in the industry.

– Conclusion:

Yasmine Faik’s professional journey exemplifies her outstanding expertise in data management, digital transformation, and her significant contributions to the financial sector. Her pivotal roles in leading data transformation initiatives, her leadership at prominent organizations, and her entrepreneurial vente ures showcase her visionary approach and profound impact.

Yasmine’s expertise in data, digital transformation, and her ability to drive business growth through data-driven strategies make her a true industry leader. Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation continue to shape the future of the financial sector