Aman Pal Singh

Aman Pal Singh, a prominent figure in the insurance industry, is instrumental in driving innovation and advancing groundbreaking solutions. Currently affiliated as the Founder & CEO of both B4E Insurtech Inc. and Benefits for Expats Inc. Canada, Aman brings a wealth of expertise to revolutionize the insurance landscape.

B4E Insurtech Inc. Canada, his focus sharpens on crafting niche digital solutions for inclusive and rule-based insurance products, leveraging technology to address the low insurance penetration challenge globally. Aman’s strategic insights and commitment to innovation make him a driving force behind B4E Insurtech’s mission.

Benefits for Expats Inc. Canada, Aman’s role takes a specialized turn as he dedicates himself to developing fit-for-purpose value propositions for the global expat community. His expertise and strategic contributions play a crucial part in shaping the offerings for the Industry, addressing the unique insurance needs of the expatriate population.

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