Chhavi Moodgal

Chhavi Moodgal, IIMA Endowment Fund

As Founding CEO of the IIMA Endowment Fund, Ms. Chhavi Moodgal is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Endowment Fund as well as building and executing a strategic vision for the Endowment Fund to help shape a brighter future for IIMA. The challenge of her role is to build a world-class, global endowment in a market where the whole idea is not known to many.

The IIMA Endowment Fund is the first of its kind for a management school in India. It is a pioneer in the organized endowment industry in the country.

The IIMA Endowment Fund is IIMA’s unified fundraising and philanthropic arm for all donations given to IIMA – individual, batch, corporate (including CSR), etc. The Fund is also responsible for donation documentation, donor relations, and reporting.
The IIMA Endowment Fund is managed by an independent Advisory Board consisting of alumni and institutional leadership of IIMA. The Endowment Advisory Board oversees the key activities of the Fund through the “IIMA Ahmedabad Endowment Management Foundation”, a Section 8 (non-profit) company.

The vision of the IIMA Endowment Fund is to solidify IIMA’s global prominence in thought leadership, research, and academic excellence and achieve the next horizon of eminence. The funds raised by the IIMA Endowment Fund support strategic initiatives and projects that help achieve this vision.

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