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About CryptoLiquidity

Up until now, no one has adequately addressed the volatility in the market when it comes to using digital currency to fund projects, acquisitions, procurement of goods or services, shipping, distribution, etc. (referred to as “the Transaction”), particularly those transactions that may take time to complete and are therefore exposed to volatilities in the digital currency market. For example, a $1,000,000 USD transaction that pegged its value to Bitcoin on November 1, 2017 ($6,391.08 USD per Bitcoin) would have committed 156.47 Bitcoin to the transaction. If that transaction closed on November 30, 2017 ($9,868.99 USD per Bitcoin) the recipient of the 156.47 Bitcoin would have received a gross value of $1,544,200.87 USD or a value 54% greater than was originally agreed to. Similarly, the funder would have lost 54% of the value associated with the Bitcoins allocated.



Erik Lindquist, Partner



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