David Logan


Umergence is a platform that provides startups with resources similar to how physical startup accelerators operate but in a scalable online platform.  Allowing entrepreneurs to validate their business plans through Crowd-Sourced Intelligence.  Providing crucial information to the startups including but not limited to “Does this solve a problem for me?”  “I would buy this solution at this price point… I am this demographic in this market.”  Once the plan is validated through the community, the startups build a crowd-funding campaign to raise capital.  The startups can raise capital through non-securities campaigns like Donations or Rewards campaigns alternately they can opt to issue securities in exchange for investment.  Umergence is a registered broker/dealer member FINRA/SPIC leveraging Reg D private placement offerings, Reg CF & Reg A+ public offerings.

Umergence provides a great solution for existing startup accelerators to white-label the Umergence platform to help incubate their startups until they are ready to move into the physical accelerator where space is limited.  Click here for a pictorial of the full Umergence ecosystem.  Click here for the Umergence explainer video.

A special thanks go to his Babcia and Dziadziu who provided him support and encouragement to help others fulfill their American Dream of building their own businesses.

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