Dr. Johannes Pfaffenhuemer

Dr. Johannes Pfaffenhuemer
Dr. Johannes Pfaffenhuemer

Johannes Dr. Pfaffenhuemer is a visionary entrepreneur dedicated to the sustainable sector of water. With a philosophy that echoes “If you can dream it, you can do it!” he leads Water of Life, an innovative company based in Kirchdorf am Inn, Upper Austria. Johannes holds a strong connection with Johannes Kepler Universität Linz and is associated with Bauträger “Garten Serafin”. His profile boasts a significant following of 9,036 and over 500 connections, highlighting his influence in the industry.

At Water of Life, Johannes focuses on various aspects of the water industry, including production, distribution, marketing, and sales. With a team rich in scientific expertise, the company pioneers the purchase and distribution of quality drinking water globally. They specialize in connecting with health-conscious businesses and consumers through strategic planning and expert consultation.

Johannes’s business model comprises four fundamental pillars that drive the company’s success: sourcing quality drinking water, efficient distribution, scalability through various channels, and specialized consulting services. Water of Life excels in promoting corporate social responsibility through impactful projects supporting Sustainable Development Goal Number 6 of the United Nations – providing access to clean water and sanitation.

Committed to giving back to society, Water of Life reinvests profits in projects that align with SDG6 goals, collaborating with NGOs and other organizations. Their focus on education and empowerment through impact investment networks underscores their dedication to environmental and social causes.

Johannes’s passion for delivering premium drinking water, nutritional supplements, and management coaching reflects his commitment to improving lives and promoting well-being. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and social impact, he envisions a future where clean water and health are accessible to all. Johannes Dr. Pfaffenhuemer’s leadership at Water of Life exemplifies a blend of innovation, expertise, and social responsibility in the pursuit of a better world.

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