Dr. Lata Rani

Dr. Lata Rani is working as an Associate Professor and Program Anchor in the Department of Banking, Financial Services
and Insurance at Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University-New Delhi. She has done Ph.D. from Indira Gandhi National
Open University, New Delhi with distinction in the Course Work, M.Phil. from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra; Master
of Commerce from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, with Distinction. She is UGC-JRF-NET Qualified. She has done
many courses from various International Universities from Coursera like Course on Financial Markets from Yale University,
Portfolio and Risk Management from University of Geneva, Understanding Financial Statements from University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign, Understanding Research Methods from University of London to name a few. She has done a course on
Financial Accounting from Harvard University.

She has Strong academic background with sufficient extra-curricular exposure; she has 15 years of experience of Teaching,
Research, Administration, Training and consultancy. She has contributed widely in research from conceptual framework to
analysis of different financial research topics. She has been awarded best teacher awards for many years and holds good
knowledge of Research Methodology. She is a permanent member of All India Commerce Association.

Dr. Lata Rani has been a reviewer and technical member for Technical Program Committee for “2021 and 2022 continuously
for The 9th as well as 10th International Conference on Business, Management and Governance ICBMG-2021, organized by
The University of Western Australia. She is also a member of the Advisory Committee of the World Research Society. She
has delivered many talks at an academic and industry level. She has been appreciated for her academic career by different
institutions at national and international level. Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Productivity, Dependability, Communication,
Work ethic, Organizational skills, Collaboration are few words that describe her.

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