Hari Nair

Hari Nair
Hari Nair

Top CEOs in Finance Award Winner – Hari Nair, CEO at Intelym, Inc.

Hari Nair is an Associate Director & Deputy Chief Technology Officer at Mirae Asset Capital Markets with a rich background in capital markets technology. With over 25 years of experience, he is known for his expertise in conceptualizing, architecting, developing, and managing highly scalable trading systems and market data applications in the broking industry. Hari has a strong presence in the Asian Pacific and Americas markets, where he has honed his skills and made significant contributions.

One of his notable achievements includes building HDFCSky from scratch, leading the development of its technology, processes, and integrations, ultimately launching it successfully. Currently, at Mirae Asset Capital Markets, he is focused on expanding and overseeing technology operations for m,stock and institutional business, showcasing his abilities to drive growth and innovation in the industry.

Apart from his technical prowess, Hari is passionate about nurturing talent and promoting a positive mindset among his team members. He finds joy in mentoring others and instilling a culture of positivity and growth within the workplace. With his expansive experience and leadership skills, Hari Nair continues to make a significant impact in the field of capital markets technology, setting a high standard for innovation and excellence in the industry.

About Intelym, Inc.

At Intelym, Our focus has been customer-centric streaming solutions, be ahead of markets and deliver the innovation pro-actively to customers. Aggregating the real-time data, which is transformed with complex event modeling, we deliver data to a wide range of endpoints through our unified streaming, resulting in increased decision-making opportunities at lower TCO.

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