Ismail Tekin

Ismail Tekin, Founding CEO ,The
Ismail Tekin, Founding CEO ,The

About Lambert & Co.

Upon its inception, Lambert & Co.’s vision has always been simple – to expedite the process of setting up a company for new & existing clients by utilizing their expert market knowledge & the most trusted local partners. The founders’ aim in starting Lambert & Co. was to relieve the daily frustrations for start-ups & business owners because they knew all too well that setting up a company doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges! They wanted to offer their knowledge of what they have gained, back to the market in the form of business solutions.

Lambert & Co. is a boutique agency meaning that we give our clientele an individually tailored experience. We will be here to assist you in your journey from the initial stages of investment all the way through to strategies, sales & marketing & business development. We act as investment managers, business set-up consultants, executive search team, accounting & auditing, business negotiations & representations. With Lambert & Co. you can arrive & collect your keys to a fully operational business!

Lambert & Co. aims to give our clientele more time, save money, & support them in navigating the local market. Our business ideologies are composed of a combination of working & ethical ideologies. Talent, Timing & Traction are crucial to our working knowledge & Trust, Truth & Transparency are what we strive for as an ethical entity.

At Lambert & Co. the personal aspect of our business is what appeals to us the most. Traveling the world, attending numerous different expositions, seminars, trade shows, & telling people about the rapid rate of progression in Dubai & the UAE are just some of the things that we love doing most.

Dubai is truly at the center of innovation & we aim to spread that message around the world and to create a home here for people wanting to pursue & house their visions and dreams.

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