John Stahmer

John Stahmer
John Stahmer

About John

As the Managing Director and Head of Investor Relations at Flat Rock Global, LLC, John Stahmer, JD, MS, brings over a decade of experience in consultative investment sales and executive leadership. Specializing in alternative investments like interval funds, CLO equity, structured products, private credit, and middle market credit, John focuses on the RIA channel, offering tailored product solutions.

In his role, John has successfully raised funds, fostered relationships, and executed company strategies. Since joining Flat Rock Global in 2017, he has played a key role as an Investment Committee Member, driven institutional business growth, and secured investments from RIAs, single and multi-family offices, and consultants. Notably, John was honored as an Excellence in Finance Leader by the FINEXT Conference in 2019.

John is dedicated to providing value to his clients and team, leveraging his expertise, credentials, and market insights to drive success. His commitment to delivering innovative solutions and his track record of building strong partnerships have been instrumental in achieving the company’s objectives.

With a background in law and a master’s degree, John Stahmer combines his legal knowledge and financial acumen to navigate the complexities of the investment landscape. His strategic approach, coupled with his passion for excellence, sets him apart in the industry.

Outside of his professional endeavors, John is an avid supporter of continuous learning and personal development. He believes in the power of collaboration and teamwork in driving growth and creating long-lasting impact.

As a thought leader in the financial sector, John Stahmer exemplifies dedication, expertise, and a results-driven mindset. With a focus on delivering exceptional service and tailored investment solutions, he continues to make significant contributions to Flat Rock Global’s success and the wider financial community.

Flat Rock Global, LLC

Flat Rock Global, LLC is an investment management firm based in Jackson, Wyoming, with a dedicated focus on prioritizing investors’ needs. With a team of 2-10 employees, the company boasts a following of 951 individuals who trust in their expertise.

Specializing in alternative credit management, Flat Rock Global strategically invests in less efficient areas of the credit markets. Their approach aims to achieve a dual objective of preserving capital while generating current income for their clients. Their funds are tailored exclusively for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), Family Offices, and Institutional Investors.

Potential investors are urged to conduct a thorough assessment of the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses associated with Flat Rock Funds prior to making any investment decisions. To obtain detailed information about the funds, including a prospectus and other relevant details, interested parties are advised to visit the company’s official website at It is crucial for investors to review this information carefully before committing any capital.

Flat Rock Funds are distributed by ALPS Distributors, Inc., ensuring efficient and reliable distribution channels for their investment products. With a strong emphasis on investor success and financial well-being, Flat Rock Global stands out as a trusted partner for those seeking strategic and alternative investment opportunities in the market.

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