Kevin Miller

Innovator in Finance Award Winner -Kevin Miller, CEO at The E-Valuator.



About The E-Valuator

Built for advisors servicing qualified plan clients and individual investors, The E-Valuator software is a game changer in the world of investing and fiduciary asset management. Whether you’re an individual investor or fiduciary, The E-Valuator enables users the ability to identify and document their unique investment demands and track those standards against Morningstar’s universe of Mutual Funds and ETF’s. The E-Valuator makes life simple by continuously monitoring client investments and identifying when an investment’s performance is no longer tolerable while providing suggested replacements. Through our three-step approach, advisors and investors can design and manage portfolios that continuously meet their investment performance demands and suitability in a fiduciary manner year after year. Introduced in May 2016, we are proud to offer The E-Valuator Risk Managed Strategy Funds (RMS) through our Registered Investment Advisor Systelligence LLC. Our actively managed mutual fund family consists of six specialized funds designed to fit the appropriate risk tolerance of any investor. Our portfolio managers utilize The E-Valuator software to stress test and select the underlying investments inside each strategy and continuously monitor the underlying holdings looking for market inefficiencies. At The E-Valuator Risk Managed Strategy Funds, we strive to create industry-leading investment solutions that focus on three specific criteria: below average volatility, below average cost and above average performance. Visit us at to learn more about our strategies and to find the appropriate investment for you.



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