Majid Altunisi

Majid Altunisi is the Deputy CFO at a prestigious bank in Jeddah.
He has a Master’s Degree in Finance and Investment from London Metropolitan University, London, UK and a degree of Bachelor of Business Administration-Major: Finance from the College of Business Administration, Jeddah.
As the Deputy CFO, Majid created a comprehensive Income statement to provide CEO and top management daily insights & trend analysis, created a corporate financial dashboard that is automatically linked to (think-cell) PowerPoint presentation tool that provides top management with financial insight on demand and conducted a full financial analysis on personal finance introduction, implementation, & cost to revenue impact.
This FiNext Awards & Conference is to be held on the 26th and 27th of February at the Le Meridien Hotel and Conference Centre, Dubai. This is the much-awaited conference of the year as it brings together and celebrates the excellence of companies and people in the FinTech sector.
Fin-Tech industry needed space for the smartest, innovative, inventive and ambitious people to connect and create, consequently FiNext Awards and Conference were started as a dedicated platform to serve the needs of the Fin-Tech industry in terms of interaction, innovation, networking and showcasing of the talent.
Two days of celebration of people who have put their lives in innovating, transforming the way how people transact through technology. FiNext Awards acknowledge people who are bringing the future of finance through their persistent efforts.
The conference strives to build a platform for startups, SMEs, key decision-makers, researchers, investors and people from the media to interact and garner meaningful alliances.

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