Maria Fernanda Juppet Ewing

Maria Fernanda Juppet Ewing, CEO Cryptomarket
Maria Fernanda Juppet Ewing, CEO Cryptomarket

Maria Fernanda Juppet Ewing is a Corporate lawyer with extensive practical and theoretical expertise in corporate structures, atypical contracts, multinational corporations, regulatory law, and company self-regulation, specifically in the crypto assets and compliance domains.

With a background that includes working in various administrative assistance and management roles within business, public, and academic organizations, Maria Fernanda brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Currently serving as the CEO of Cryptomarket and Co-founder of Vujade Ventures, she demonstrates her leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit in the crypto industry. Maria Fernanda holds a connection-rich profile on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, showcasing her strong network with over 500 connections and a substantial following of 3,036 individuals.

Her expertise and experience make her a valuable asset in navigating the complex landscape of corporate law and regulations, especially in the evolving field of crypto assets. Maria Fernanda is passionate about fostering compliance, innovation, and sustainable business practices within the crypto industry and beyond.

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