Matthew Nemer

Matthew Nemer, CEO & Co-Founder, Linus
Matthew Nemer, CEO & Co-Founder, Linus

Matthew N. is an accomplished professional in the field of Investor Relations, with a background in Startup Advisory and Angel Investing. He is currently associated with IFT (, and is known for his expertise as a former co-founder & CEO of Linus, which was subsequently acquired. Matthew holds a degree from DePaul University – Charles H. Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.

In 2020, Matthew received the prestigious “Best Innovation” Award at the Paris FinTech Forum, showcasing his commitment to excellence and forward-thinking approach in the industry. With a strong focus on Cryptocurrency, FinTech, DeFi, Valuation, Alternative Assets, and Exotic Assets, Matthew has established himself as a notable figure in the finance and technology sectors.

Matthew N. enjoys a substantial online presence with 1,760 followers and a professional network exceeding 500 connections. His website,, serves as a platform for sharing insights and engaging with his audience. With a proven track record of success and a passion for innovation, Matthew N. continues to make significant contributions to the world of finance and technology.

About Linus:

Linus is a U.S. based startup leveraging Open Finance protocols to provide retail investors with an enhanced experience. The Linus high yield account, currently in Alpha, offers depositors returns 33x greater than the average U.S. savings account. These rates are achieved by providing retail fiat depositors access to digital asset credit markets through a platform that feels like a savings account. By replacing inefficient legacy banking infrastructure with public, permissionless blockchains, Linus has architected a highly efficient tech stack that delivers more value to the end-user.

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