Matthew Wilkens


Successfully managed a multi-billion dollar balance sheet at Goldman Sachs during the financial crisis producing record numbers for business unit/trading book. Co-Launched Blue Ivy Ventures; a venture capital firm formed by Yale University alumni. Investment capital is raised from Yale alumni to invest in Yale-led companies. At BIV, helped scale the business to be the premier Yale associated VC fund. (Yale University has no affiliation). Currently on Fund 3.

Successfully raised institutional capital from three continents to deploy into the Brazilian Real Estate Market. Focus on developing residential buildings across all income classes. IRR’s over 18%. Speaker at numerous family office conferences and senior advisor fo family offices and startups across the Middle East, the USA and South America on strategy, governance and investment opportunities in the RE, Hospitality, VC and Hedgefund space. Sit on numerous advisory boards in startup space. Examples include a gaming company and social networking platform for the entertainment industry.

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