Michael Ryberg Hartmann

michael ryberg hartmann
michael ryberg hartmann

About Michael Ryberg Hartmann

Michael Ryberg Hartmann, boasts a rich tapestry of experience spanning over two decades in steering transformative initiatives within the Financial Services and Telecommunication sectors. His expertise lies in Open Banking, Open Finance, Payments, Digital Wallets, CaaS, SaaS, and Telco-as-Services.

As the Head of Open Finance at ADCB, Michael is known for his product & technical leadership, advocating open platforms in banking & finance to unearth new market opportunities. He is a seasoned speaker and moderator in the MENA region, emphasizing the pivotal role of open platforms and strategic partnerships in the industry.

Michael strategic vision encompasses driving digital transformation through fostering cultural shifts, platform development, team empowerment, and ecosystem creation. His pragmatic yet forward-thinking approach tackles complex challenges with a modular, Lego-brick methodology, leveraging technology insights to deliver tangible business value.

A passionate team player, he encourages internal collaboration, curiosity, and motivation among peers.

With a knack for innovation and a reputation for proactive problem-solving, Michael combines his entrepreneurial spirit with a deep understanding of the ever-evolving tech landscape. His career reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to driving change in the realms of finance, technology, and beyond.

About FTG :

Fintech Galaxy, the first Central Bank-licensed Open Finance platform, was founded in the United Arab Emirates as a global-scale environment that fuels innovation in financial services, drives ecosystem collaboration, and facilitates Open Banking API integration between financial institutions and fintech companies.

It is the first Open Finance platform regulated by a central bank. Fintech Galaxy’s platform – FINX – is redesigning finances by providing an Open Finance infrastructure that ensures secure and stable API integrations between all industry players and grants more control over data and payments to consumers.

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