Michele Tucci

Michele Tucci
Michele Tucci

Michele Tucci is a seasoned Chief Strategy Officer at Credolab, with a wealth of experience in the FinTech sector. Throughout his career, Michele has honed his strategic skills through leadership roles at notable companies such as Telecom Italia Mobile, Capital One, Intesa SanPaolo Bank, MasterCard, and Finstar Financial Group. His focus on action-oriented strategies has produced tangible results while ensuring forward-thinking planning for the future.

Drawing from a global perspective cultivated in dynamic cities like Miami, Boston, NYC, Rome, Milan, Moscow, Dubai, and Singapore, Michele’s strategic vision is enriched by consulting experiences in London, Sydney, and Shanghai. A decade ago, his foray into Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence ignited a passion for creating solutions that promote financial accessibility and fairness, shaping his strategic direction.

As a respected industry expert, Michele is a sought-after speaker on a variety of FinTech topics, ranging from payments and AI/ML to the integration of financial services with sectors such as ride-hailing and e-commerce. Beyond his professional endeavors, Michele enjoys surfing, cruising on his longboard, and exploring the streets on his café racer motorcycle. His interests extend to history and a penchant for historical fiction, espionage, and black ops literature.

Michele Tucci invites connections to engage in idea-sharing and collaboration, welcoming fellow innovators to join him on a journey of creativity and partnership. With a track record of strategic excellence and a passion for leveraging technology to enhance financial inclusivity, Michele continues to drive positive change within the FinTech landscape.

About CredoLab:

CredoLab develops bank-grade digital scorecards for banks, consumer finance companies, auto lenders, online and mobile lenders, insurance companies, and retailers from the best alternative data source – smartphone device metadata. Built on over 8 million loan applicants across 49+ lending partners, our AI-based algorithm crunches nearly 500 thousand features from opt-in smartphone metadata to find the most predictive behavioral patterns before converting them into credit scores. These enable any lender to make the most granular assessments possible of their applicants. With an aggregate of 4.3 million application downloads, our clients have seen 20X higher new to bank customer approvals, a 15% reduction in non-performing loans, and a 22% dip in fraud rate.

Established in Singapore in 2016, Credolab has powered almost USD 1 Billion in loans issued after analyzing about 1 trillion data points across 14 countries. We are backed by Fintonia Group, FORUM, and Walden International.

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