Nikhil Gandesha

ikhil Gandesha is the Managing Director of Finomni, a consulting firm specializing firm in financial crime compliance.

Nikhil has undertaken several roles covering AML, CTF, CPF and Sanctions in the UK, UAE and Hong Kong. His work included leading investigations, developing intelligence-led solutions to manage and mitigate financial crime risk as well as implementing effective strategies to meet clients’ risk appetite needs. Prior to joining Finomni, Nikhil worked for 2 global banks as well as a big 4 consultancy and has experience partnering with law enforcement, government agencies and international bodies such as the UN.


About Finomni:

Finomni is a consulting firm specializing in financial crime compliance, providing expertise in all areas of financial crime risk management, including, but not limited to, AML, KYC, CFT, CFP, and Sanctions. Finomni has a broad client base that includes traditional financial services, FinTech’s, Crypto exchanges and Logistics firms.
Currently, Finomni operates in Hong Kong and Singapore and will be expanding to the UAE by Q2 2020.

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