ReGal 38I83

Regal 38I8 is an innovative Green Fintech company that is dedicated to revolutionizing the financial landscape for a better world. With a focus on promoting green finance and leveraging green blockchain technology, Regal 38I8 offers alternative financial services that drive growth through sustainable practices.

At the core of Regal 38I8’s offerings is the OIII3 BANK, a self-sustainable green financial ecosystem powered by green blockchain technology. This groundbreaking platform aims to unify Emerging Countries’ green economies, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Additionally, Regal 38I8 provides the Regal 11 regulatory and compliance tool, which utilizes artificial intelligence to harmonize Eastern and Western regulations. This tool streamlines compliance processes and ensures adherence to the highest standards of regulatory requirements across different jurisdictions.

One of Regal 38I8’s flagship solutions is the “Cristal Card 369,” a new payment solution that simplifies AML/KYC verification with just one click. This streamlined process enhances security and efficiency in financial transactions, setting a new standard for user experience in the industry.

Furthermore, Regal 38I8 introduces HG2, an ethical trading platform that exclusively deals with green commodities. By aligning with international targets on climate change, HG2 promotes responsible trading practices that contribute positively to environmental sustainability.

In addition to its innovative financial solutions, Regal 38I8 is also committed to social impact. The company’s innovative accelerator,, combines family, work, and social life to support Emerging Countries (EC) in their development journey. This holistic approach reflects Regal 38I8’s mission to foster inclusive growth and prosperity in communities around the world.

Overall, Regal 38I8 stands at the forefront of the green fintech revolution, driving positive change and empowering economies through its sustainable and ethical financial solutions.

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