Rehab Lootah

Rehab is the Senior Vice President -Retail & SME at Mawarid Finance PJSC. She is a leading business personality in the UAE.
She is a passionate, results-driven leader with strong decision making, problem-solving management skills. With over 20 years of overall work experience in the retail industry and Government Sector, 12+ years of work experience in Islamic Banking.
Rehab is a Certified Shariah Advisor and Auditor and strong domain expertise with business leadership experience in Credit Cards, Prepaid Cards, SME and Corporate lending, and Secure/Insecure lending products. She is also a certified Certified Cards and Payments Professional from The Retail Banking Academy.
Rehab is the world’s first woman recipient of the CIMA certification in Islamic Finance, a Presidential Award Winner of e-Woman of the gulf and a nominee for the first national election in the UAE.
One of UAE’s highly popular awards – ‘Tamaiaz Award’ was one of her responsibilities that took-off ground with Mawarid’s support.
Rehab is a committed leader who tirelessly works to accomplish her goals and social responsibility, and is firmly committed to the upliftment of the status of women and the advancement of the society as a whole.
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