Russell Grevler

About Russell

Russell Grevler is a Chartered Accountant (CA) SA with a wealth of experience in advisory services, client operations, strategy, and business development. With a background in the Big 4 and over 14 years of success in the field, Russell has honed his skills in managing business operations, leading cross-functional teams, and fostering client relationships for growth and profitability.

His expertise extends to strategic direction setting, executive-level thinking, and driving business initiatives to unlock growth opportunities for clients. Russell excels in translating strategy into actionable steps, undertaking calculated risks, and delivering fast results while nurturing trusted relationships with clients through transparent communication.

Not afraid of new challenges, Russell demonstrates a high degree of adaptability in unfamiliar business environments and is adept at identifying opportunities, mitigating risks, and providing customized solutions to achieve desired outcomes for clients and businesses alike. He is a proactive problem solver, well-versed in enhancing processes, managing risks, and driving performance improvements.

With a track record of successful partnerships with portfolio clients and leadership, Russell stands out as a dynamic leader who combines financial expertise with a strategic mindset to drive business success. Whether it’s setting organization-wide goals, implementing performance management frameworks, or optimizing client service operations, Russell’s contributions consistently lead to tangible results and sustainable growth.

About VAT IT:

VAT IT is a global cross-border tax specialist, with 40 wholly-owned offices spread throughout Europe, America, Asia, India, Africa and Australia. VAT IT has been involved in the cross-border VAT reclaim industry for over 20 years. Through organic and acquisitive growth, VAT IT has evolved into the leading provider of VAT recovery services internationally. VAT IT offers a full range of cross-border VAT services, including domestic and foreign VAT claims, consultancy, and comprehensive VAT registration and compliance service.

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