Shantanu Dixit

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Our Blockchain infrastructure is one of a kind and is a patentable Blockchain solving major Web 3 problems.
* Self-expanding block size using AI to store more data (patentable)
* Most secure (Quantum hack-proof) with our self-made encryption (patentable)
* Fastest on-chain deployment in the world (tested and patentable)
* No-code Development platform (Patentable)
* Roll-up and Zero-Knowledge for scalability in interoperability

Our company has been experiencing tremendous growth and we are seeking strategic investors to join us in our journey. Our AI-based Web 3.0 platform offers great solutions in Blockchain(the world’s fastest and most secure), Music NFTs(currently working in Bollywood), Asset Management, Video streaming, No-code development platform, Healthcare, enhancing Banking experience, Energy saving solutions, Efficient Policing, Digital identities, Supply Chain Management, Antivirus and much more, all on our Blockchain.

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