Shyam Agarwal

Shyam Agarwal
Shyam Agarwal

Shyam Agarwal is the CEO & Founder of Perusal Global, a company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. With a background in research, analytical, and advisory work, Shyam established Perusal Global in 2014, focusing on research and analytics.

Over the years, he has built a team dedicated to quality work and employee happiness, fostering a positive organizational culture. Apart from its core business, Perusal Global, under Shyam’s leadership, has made investments in diverse sectors such as fintech, e-commerce, healthcare, and hospitality.

With 1,563 followers and 500+ connections, Shyam Agarwal exemplifies a successful entrepreneur who values both professional excellence and employee well-being. You can reach out to him at +91 77387 29081 or [email protected] to connect, collaborate, or explore potential opportunities in Mumbai, India.

About Perusal Global:

We are an offshore business and investment research organization specializing in the life sciences, consumer, and cleantech sectors. Our team of seasoned professionals has rich experience executing investment, equity, and business research across asset classes globally. We deliver best-in-class white-labeled research backed by our cutting-edge analytics solutions syncing with the right information, best methodologies, and apt resources.

We offer tailor-made, comprehensive, insightful, and timely research and analytics solutions to our clients through flexible engagement models. Perusal Global works as an extended team for investment banks, brokerage houses, private equity firms, venture capital funds, asset management firms, and corporates.

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