Sustainable Capital Finance

Sustainable Capital Finance
Sustainable Capital Finance

About Sustainable Capital Finance

Sustainable Capital Finance is a third-party financier, providing Power Purchase Agreements for commercial & industrial (C&I) solar projects. SCF works directly with solar integrators and energy consumers to financing solutions for commercial, industrial, municipal and non-profit projects.

SCF is comprised of experts who specialize in structured finance, solar diligence, and solar development. SCF has a vast network of EPCs and Developers across the US that submit project development opportunities through SCF’s cloud-based platform, the “SCF Suite”. The platform allows SCF & its partners to efficiently analyze, transact, develop and construct solar projects.

About Divyesh

DV’s experience in M&A, asset management, software development, project management, marketing and wealth management/financial analysis provides the company an operations director with a unique skill set.

DV began his career working for his family enterprise. His family office has successfully acquired real estate and businesses globally, and strategically invested in technology startups; all of which DV played an integral role in valuing, managing and maintaining.

It was the school of hard knocks that allowed DV to become well versed in all facets of owning and operating several lines of assets and businesses.
At Merrill Lynch, DV branched out to gain additional competencies in the financial sector, specifically wealth management. During his time with Merrill, DV witnessed firsthand the market crash in 2008.

This adversity, and the subsequent actions of the firm’s staff, provided insight for how to develop new portfolios for the team’s existing clientele, as well as investment options for new clients. DV’s team managed investments in the billions for their clients, and it was here that DV gained an understanding of investment risk tolerance by uniquely analyzing/building each portfolio for each investor.

With an existing quench for startups from his family enterprise foundation, DV joined internet marketing startup, SEO Design Solutions, as an Account Manager. DV managed over ten employees, managed client campaigns and built new processes that improved the team’s efficiency. DV was responsible for developing cost savings strategies, long-term operating recommendations, and new product Q/A. When the CEO, Shiraz Madan, decided to rejoin the financial industry, he invited DV to join.

As the Director of Operations for SCF, DV is responsible for managing daily operations, while improving processes in the sales & marketing, administration and software departments. DV managed the development and launch of the SCF Suite.
DV received a BS in Finance and minored in Management Information Systems at Butler University. Taking a peek into his personal life, DV is a scotch aficionado, an exemplary cook and a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan.

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