Finext Interview | Arsen Sargsyan-Heruni


We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Arsen, a business consultant with extensive experience in various areas of business, including planning, execution, marketing, and human resources. Arsen shared with us his insights on how he has contributed to the growth and success of the organizations he has worked with, as well as his approach to building and maintaining strong client relationships.

When asked about his experience at the Finext Conference and how it has helped him in his profession, Arsen stated that he enjoyed the conference and even included the award he received in his CV. He went on to discuss his approach to customer and quality focus in his previous roles, stating that he monitored everything and double-checked information to ensure he made the right decisions and advised his clients accordingly.

About Arsen Sargsyan

Arsen also spoke about his experience in combining planning with tactical execution to optimize long-term gains in performance, revenues, and profitability for organizations. He stated that he had gained much of his knowledge from his work experience and training sessions when he obtained his CMCE certification from UK Management Consultants.

In addition, Arsen discussed his success in business development and foreign investment procurement for start-ups and I, II stage expansions. He attributed his success to his large network of contacts.

Arsen also spoke about his experience in business plan writing, stating that he used a standard approach to deliver comprehensive outcomes that aligned with organizational goals and objectives. He also shared his approach to human resources management, stating that he had a great ability to “smell” people and understand their characters almost without mistake.

When discussing his experience in marketing, Arsen stated that he used standard tools and tactics to promote products or services, generate leads, and drive customer engagement. He also spoke about his involvement in business training and adult education, stating that sharing knowledge was his great privilege.

Arsen also shared his approach to building and maintaining strategic business/client relationships, stating that being flexible and alert was key to fostering trust, credibility, and long-term partnerships with clients, partners, or stakeholders to drive business success.

In addition, Arsen spoke about his proficiency in managing priorities and multiple projects simultaneously without compromising quality. He attributed his success to effective time management.

Finally, Arsen discussed his experience in providing strategic vision and leadership to drive operational process, productivity, and efficiency improvements in organizations. He stated that he worked patiently with people to push the right changes.

Throughout the interview, Arsen demonstrated his interpersonal and communication skills, effectively communicating with us to instill confidence, build relationships, and drive business success. He attributed his success to his “human chemistry magic know-how.”

Overall, Arsen’s versatility and extensive experience in various areas of business make him a valuable asset to any organization.