InternetShine Finext Conference Celebrates Financial Excellence and Innovation

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InternetShine Finext Conference Celebrates Financial Excellence and Innovation

Dubai, June 27, 2023 – InternetShine, a leading provider of technology solutions, is proud to announce the successful conclusion of the highly anticipated Finext Conference in Dubai. Held on June 21st and 22nd, the conference brought together industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals from around the world, fostering collaboration and showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the financial sector.


The Finext Conference served as a platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and inspiration, attracting a diverse audience of finance professionals. With a lineup of distinguished speakers, engaging panel discussions, and interactive sessions, attendees were immersed in a world of cutting-edge insights and groundbreaking ideas that are shaping the future of finance.


“We believe that platforms like the Finext Conference play a vital role in driving growth and innovation within the finance industry. They provide a unique space for industry professionals, thought leaders, and innovators to come together, share their insights, and collaborate on shaping the future of finance. These conferences enable us to stay updated on the latest trends, exchange ideas, and build meaningful connections that drive positive change. By fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing and collaboration, platforms like the Finext Conference propel the industry forward, inspiring us all to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of finance,” said Shujat Siddiqui, Co-Founder of InternetShine.

InternetShine would like to extend its heartfelt congratulations to the exceptional awardees recognized at the Finext Conference for their outstanding contributions to the finance industry.

The FiNext Conference proudly announces the winners of the prestigious FiNext Awards, recognizing excellence in the finance industry. In the category of Excellence in Finance Companies – Banking, the award goes to Axis Bank Ltd., DIFC Dubai, for their outstanding contributions and achievements in the banking sector. Realiz receives the Excellence in Finance Companies – Blockchain award, acknowledging their innovation and impact in revolutionizing blockchain technology. Clarency Singapore PTE. LTD. is recognized with the Excellence in Finance Companies – Cybersecurity & Compliance award, highlighting their commitment to maintaining robust cybersecurity measures. ONS FinServ Ltd. is honored with the Excellence in Finance Companies – Financial Institutions award, recognizing their exceptional services in the financial sector. The Excellence in Finance Companies – Innovator award goes to MS Group and Kitaab for their groundbreaking advancements and disruptive solutions. Finally, the Excellence in Finance – Leaders award celebrates the exceptional leadership of Dr. Tamer Alsayed, Yasmine Faik, Victor Tay, Hemendra Ghaghada, Cecilia Wong, and Jonathan Seifert, who have made remarkable contributions to the finance industry. Congratulations to all the winners for their remarkable achievements and dedication to advancing the finance landscape.


These awardees exemplify excellence and innovation, driving positive change within their respective fields and inspiring others in the finance industry.

Karan Singh, FiNext Conference’s Speaker onboarding manager, reported that the conference also featured an impressive lineup of esteemed speakers who shared their expertise and insights, elevating the conference to new heights. InternetShine expresses its gratitude to the following speakers for their invaluable contributions:


Zeeshan Sajid Amin (Head of Growth – Medialinks), Michael Ryberg Hartmann (CBO – Fintech Galaxy), Pavel Fedorov (Co-Founder / Executive Chairman – Salmon), Srishti Dixit (Founder and Managing Director – ONS Finserv), Sheikh Muhammad Noman (Co-Founder & Business Development Partner – Mortgage Hub), Sam Ahmed (Co-Founder & CEO – Smartpay), Hisham Hammoud (CEO – aafaq Islamic Finance), Bernhard Petrkowsky (Management – CSI Commercial Brokers LLC.), Neeraj Gupta (CEO –, Narayan Ramamoorthy (Chief Revenue Officer – Global PayEX), Mila Khrapchenko (Co-Founder and Co-CEO – Ameetee), Jonathan Seifert (Head of Fintech Ecosystem – Reveal), José Fernando Pereira (VC – Caerus), Preethu M.C (Business Development Manager – Start Any Business UAE), Aman Dhall (Founder – CommsCredible), Yasmine Faik (Founder – FY Consulting), Danny Makin (Managing Director – Total Processing), Rizwan Shaikh (CTO – White Shark Blockchain Solutions DMCC), Cecilia Wong (Founder and CEO – yourPRstrategist), Brice Vandevoorde (Chief Executive Officer – Realiz), Baiba Broka (Business Developer Manager – GrandStream FZO), Muhammad Ashfaq-Ur-Rehman (Founder & CEO – Finmaal), Anastasia Denisova (CEO – Realiste), Andrea Prazakova (Senior Vice President – Mastercard), Anas Jawed (CEO – InternetShine Technologies), Dr. Ali Moayeri (Vice President, Head of Strategy and M&A, EEMEA – MasterCard), Abdul Kareem Abdulghani (Managing Director & Head of Projects – InvestGlass), Ahmed Abdelazim Alpajy (Strategic Advisor – Tamweel Aloula), Aaron Bumgarner (Founder and CEO – Outsyde Inc.), Victor Tay (CEO – Global Catalyst Advisory), Alan Zettelmann (Founder & Principal Consultant – INNOCONSULT), Andrea Benito Araúzo (Editor CIO Middle East), Aneesh Rajani (COO – White Shark Blockchain Solutions DMCC), Arvin Khamseh (CEO – Soldout NFTs), Atul Monga (Founder – BASIC Home Loan), Azizjon Azimi (CEO –, Dr. Anuraag Guglani (Managing Partner & CEO – Wazir Advisors), Dr. Johannes Pfaffenhuemer (CEO – Water Of Life), Faseeh Elahi (Director – Eighty Eight Advisory), Ismail Tekin (Partner – Lambert & Co.), Karen Storey (Founder – The Storey Group), Noel Connolly (CEO – Now Money), Paula Tavangar (Principal – SwissBorg Ventures), Peter Vickery (EVP Head of Distribution and Sales – First Abu Dhabi Bank), Piyush Gupta (Founder and CEO – Polytrade), Sagar Chandiramani (CEO – WorkerAppz Payments), Sandeep S.Jadwani (Head of Investment Advisory – Habib Investment Limited), Saumya Ranjith (Executive Director – Greenback Capital Limited), Stephan Horvath (Founder – Ideations), and Zhamal Nanaeva (Researcher – Islamic Finance).

Shubham Parmar from the exhibition team reported that the conference provided a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with a wide range of exhibitors who showcased their innovative products, services, and solutions. InternetShine extends its appreciation to the exhibitors who helped create a dynamic and inspiring environment:


aafaq Islamic Finance,, TrueOne, Total Processing, White Shark Blockchain Solutions DMCC, Yeepeey + WorkerAppz, Medialinks, Coin Edition, ITC, Credolab, Start Any Business UAE, Outsyde Inc., Greenback Capital Limited, ONS Finserv, Realiste, Reveal,


Anuj as the Media Partner Onboarding Manager, had the honour of seeing the enthusiastic response from attendees, which amply demonstrated the conference’s capacity to spur innovation, promote cooperation, and establish new standards for the financial industry.InternetShine thanks the following media partners for their crucial and vital contributions:

Cryptonewz, ICOHOLDER, Financial Tech Review, Sahicoin, Medialinks, Oro Pocket, Dubai fintech, coinedition, world economic magazine, ITC

“We are thrilled with the success of the Finext Conference,” said Anas Jawed, CEO of InternetShine Technologies. “The event brought together industry leaders, visionaries, and innovators, fostering collaboration and enabling the exchange of ideas that will shape the future of finance. We extend our congratulations to the deserving awardees and our gratitudeto all the speakers, exhibitors, and attendees for their valuable contributions.”

InternetShine remains committed to empowering finance professionals and driving innovation within the industry. For more information about InternetShineand future events, please visit

The upcoming event, scheduled on the 2nd and 3rd of the month in Las Vegas, followed by another event on the 28th and 29th of February in Dubai, promises to be an exciting opportunity for attendees. Just like the previous conference, these events will offer a unique platform for engagement with a diverse range of exhibitors who will showcase their innovative products, services, and solutions. InternetShine expresses its anticipation and extends its appreciation in advance to the exhibitors who will contribute to creating another dynamic and inspiring environment.


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