Islamic Banking in the Digital Fast Lane: Mary Pedler’s Insights on Accelerating Digitalization

Mary Pedler:
Founder Input Communication Agency

Mary Pedler: Pioneering Communication Strategies for Tech Projects in the MENA Region Mary Pedler, the seasoned communication expert and Founder of INPUT Communications Agency, is poised to share her insights as a speaker at the FiNext Conference Dubai 2024. Join her on the panel discussion, “Accelerating Digitalization in Islamic Banking,” where she will delve into the crucial role of communication in driving the digital transformation of Islamic banking. With over seven years of experience in Government Relations (GR) and Public Relations (PR), Mary has emerged as a key player in the communication landscape.

About Mary Pedler

Her leadership at INPUT Communications Agency and INPUT Lifestyle has been instrumental in the success of over 50 tech projects, contributing to their organic media presence and facilitating fundraising efforts that have collectively raised over $500 million. Mary’s proficiency extends beyond traditional communication strategies, with a keen understanding of the nuances of Web3, blockchain, and the MENA market. Her innovative approach and deep industry knowledge have positioned her as a sought-after speaker and moderator at industry events, where she shares valuable insights into the evolving landscape of communication in the tech sector. Renowned for her agency’s effectiveness, Mary Pedler specializes in creating tailored communication strategies for tech projects worldwide. Based in Dubai, INPUT Communications Agency is at the forefront of driving impactful communication campaigns that resonate globally.

Mary’s commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and her dedication to excellence have made her a respected figure in the tech communication space. Her agency’s focus on creating effective communication strategies aligns with the dynamic needs of the ever-evolving tech landscape. Join Mary Pedler at the FiNext Conference Dubai 2024 to gain
profound insights into the role of communication in accelerating digitalization, especially in the context of Islamic banking. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with a leader who continues to pioneer innovative communication strategies, contributing to the success of tech projects on a global scale.

About INPUT Communications Agency:

INPUT is an award-winning marketing communications agency based in Dubai, focusing on the global market and the MENA region.

The agency is committed to elevating emerging tech projects by ensuring their voices are heard across markets. It boasts a portfolio of over 53 successful campaigns in sectors such as FinTech, Web3, Gaming, iGaming, and other tech industries.

The INPUT team comprises former C-level executives with rich backgrounds in established traditional and Web3 brands. One of the biggest highlights for INPUT in 2023 was a campaign that generated over 1 billion impressions and helped clients unlock over $500 million in funding.

About FiNext Conference:

FiNext Conference is a global platform that brings together professionals, thought leaders, and innovators from the finance and technology sectors. The conference aims to foster collaboration, facilitate knowledge exchange, and explore the transformative potential of emerging trends in finance

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