John V. Culver

Innovator in Finance Award Winner -John V. Culver, CEO at Fanvest Wagering Exchange, Inc.


About Fanvest Wagering Exchange, Inc

Both sports bettors and fantasy sports players suffer from participating in ventures that produce few winners and low or negative average returns on investment. Instead, many players report that community, camaraderie, and fun are major drivers of engagement.

At Fanvest, we’ve built a platform where users can leverage their sports knowledge, connect with a competitive community, and strive to monetize their sports wisdom without losing their wallets.

Fanvest offers a transparent, liquid, free market and mobile brokerage platform run on a proprietary algorithm developed over years of backtesting.

Fanvest removes the bookmakers and their betting systems from the equation and replaces complicated odds with intuitive tradeable assets structured by statistically relevant data, returning the power to the consumer.

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