Juan Antonio Andrade

Juan Antonio Andrade
Juan Antonio Andrade

Excellence in Finance Technology Award Winner – Juan Antonio Andrade, PayCash

Juan Antonio Andrade Hdz is the CEO of Grupo Red Efectiva, a prominent figure in the payment technology industry. With a strong background in finance and business, Juan has been at the forefront of driving growth and expansion for PayCash ®, a leading payment network in Latin America.

Throughout his career, Juan has demonstrated a keen ability to forge strategic partnerships and alliances, evident in the successful collaborations with over 34 major banks in the region. Under his leadership, PayCash has experienced remarkable growth, surpassing 350,000 payment points and on track to reach an impressive 500,000, solidifying its position as the most extensive payment network in Latin America.

Committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, Juan’s vision for PayCash extends beyond borders, with geographical expansion into new countries such as Brazil, Chile, and the Dominican Republic. By offering a diverse range of services including multiple wallets, PayCash has enhanced its capabilities and services, setting the stage for further developments in the payment technology sector.

An active participant in industry events such as ICE London and SBC Barcelona, Juan remains dedicated to exploring collaboration opportunities and networking with industry stakeholders. With a strong track record of success and a passion for driving growth, Juan Antonio Andrade Hdz continues to lead PayCash towards new heights in the realm of payment technology.

About PayCash

PayCash developed its own system payment platform, that enables businesses to efficiently manage their receivables & payables through different payment methods (cash in stores, credit & debit cards, wire transfers, others). Two ways of offering its services:

  • Enterprise: API Integration (web services)
  • Collect: Web Application Interface (.com)

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