Wayne Tsao

Excellence in Finance Award Winner – Wayne Tsao, CEO, ECARD Inc.


Wayne Tsao is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ECARD Inc., whereby he oversees the company’s business expansion, product development, and marketing strategies. Mr. Tsao has a large professional experience in Payment Methodologies. Specialized in cross-border payment and money transfer, Mr. Tsao was managing the Asian market in the entire North-East coast for a fortune 500 company, responsible for 75% of the entire market transactions in China. The intensive knowledge and Unique experience contribute to his expertise in both the Payment and remittance industry. The concept of ECARD represents Mr. Tsao’s foresight and desire to make a significant difference in the global financial market. As not only an entrepreneur but more to be an innovator, he embraces challenges, seizes opportunities, and turns them into achievements.

About ECARD Inc.

FiNext Excellence in Finance Awardee ECARD Inc

ECARD Inc. is a FinTech company based in New York. To improve the ever-changing financial ecosystem, the company delivers a simpler, faster, and superior payment solution for customers who travel internationally or make the day-to-day purchase at home. Themed in “Tech-blue”, with the logo designed as “E” (ECARD Inc.) wraps around “C” (Customers), we put customers’ benefits at the center of everything we do and work to establish a world-class network that helps people connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Website: https://www.ecardinc.com/

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