Top Fintech Events to Attend in the US in 2023 & 2024

Top Fintech Events
Top Fintech Events
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Top Fintech Events to Attend in the US in 2023 & 2024

As the financial technology (fintech) industry continues to revolutionize the way we think about finance, staying up to date with the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities is crucial. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by attending fintech events, which bring together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to discuss and showcase groundbreaking ideas. If you’re eager to explore the future of finance, here are some top fintech events to mark on your calendar for 2023 and 2024 in the United States.

Fintech DEVCON

Date: Aug 23-25, 2023

Venue: Austin, TX


The only conference for fintech developers and builders designed to unlock knowledge and bring about the next decade of financial innovation. No sales pitches, just hands-on tools, best practices, and industry secrets used by developers in fintech today.

VenCent 2023

Date: August 14 and 15 20233

Location: New York, NY

August 14-15, 2023, we’ll delve into how technology will shape our industry’s evolution – from banking innovation strategies to best practices when dealing with changing technologies. It’s your chance to learn about what’s next in fintech and digital transformation. You can network with top-level executives who are leading their organizations through this rapidly changing landscape while also learning more about topics like cryptocurrency, Banking as a Service, cybersecurity, and more.

VENCENT culminates in the announcement of the winner of “The Finny.” Watch the video to learn about the characteristics considered when awarding this trophy.

Las Vegas FinTech Expo

Date: August 22 and 23 20233

Location: Las Vegas

Las Vegas FinTech Expo, join Thousands of professionals of the top Fintech Industry Suppliers exhibiting and exchanging ideas on the latest in Financial, Software, and Hardware Technology including Fraud Prevention / Cyber Security / PCI Compliance, Legal and Consulting, DLT; Digital Currency / Distributed Ledger, ISO’s; Independent Sales Organizations, POS Hardware Vendors, Financial Institutions/Banks, Government, Software Developers/IST, Payment Processors, Facilitators, & Networks, Mobile Tech, Value Added Resellers/VAR, Investors/VC. We will be hosting dozens of seminars led by industry experts on Cybersecurity, Asset & Inventory Management, Mobile Banking and Payment Processing, and more.

Empire FinTech Conference 2024

Date: September 9, 2024

Location: New York, NY

The Empire FinTech Conference is a highly anticipated event that provides a platform for startups, investors, financial institutions, and thought leaders to collaborate and discuss the future of finance. With a focus on fostering innovation and growth in the fintech sector, the conference features insightful keynotes, fireside chats, and panel discussions. Attendees can gain valuable knowledge about emerging trends, regulatory changes, investment opportunities, and disruptive technologies shaping the industry.

Attending these top fintech events in the US in 2023 and 2024 will be instrumental in keeping you informed and connected

Fintech South 2023

Date: Sep 12 and 13 2023

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Fintech South 2023 is a world-class summit with its nexus in Atlanta live and in-person, a global financial technology hub that is home to more than 200 fintech companies. The top 15 public fintech companies in Georgia alone generate more than $100 billion in revenues. On September 12th & 13th, 2023, at the Georgia World Congress Center, we welcome fintech leaders from around the world for an amazing experience designed to help you make the most of the opportunities of the fintech revolution.

Money20/20 USA 2023

Date: October 22-25, 2023

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Money20/20 USA is the world’s biggest, most influential gathering of the global money ecosystem.

From in-depth analytics to inspirational speakers, leaders walk away with business-critical insights and new connections that help them stay ahead – powering strategies, relationships, and innovation.

Money20/20 promises the clearest and most distinctive focus on what’s next across the world of money including banks, payments, tech, startups, retail, fintech, financial services, policy, and more.

Be part of the global movement shaping the future of money. Missing Money20/20 Now, of all years, you’ll miss out on the Next big opportunity to transform your future.

Insuretech Connect

Date: Oct 31 – Nov 2, 2023

Venue: Las Vegas, NV


The world’s largest gathering of insurance innovation, ITC Vegas combines unbeatable networking with what’s new and the next insuretech to create insurtech’s only must-attend event.

Discover solutions to your biggest challenges, unique and meaningful education, and the insurtech industry’s best and brightest, all at ITC Vegas.

Join the insurtech event that doesn’t just bring the insurtech industry together – together, we bring the industry forward. The future of insurance is here – at ITC Vegas. 

Fintech Talents Festival

Date:Nov 13-14, 2023

Venue: London, UK


Mark your calendar for this two-day, must-attend festival of visionary ideas, practical innovation and deep dives into solving industry problems from a wide spectrum of financial services. 

Featuring over 2,000 festival goers including global financial institutions, merchants, brands, marketplaces, digital platforms, technology enablers, innovators and fintechs, represented by C-level executives, founders as well as innovation and digital transformation leaders from across the UK and Europe.

FIMA Europe

Date:Dec 6-7, 2023

Venue: London, UK


Despite the looming macroeconomic crisis, investment banks and asset managers are continuing to invest in data management to drive greater business impact and remain competitive.

Find out how to best adapt your data team, strategies and capabilities and stay ahead of the curve by joining the world’s leading data conference for top investment banks and asset managers.

Benchmark with CDOs and their senior leadership teams and gain practical insights on:

Leveraging generative AI responsibly to transform your data management

Implementing the cloud to improve access to multi-source data faster

Adopting a data mesh approach to enable federate access to ever more data products

Supporting your business with the data required for their ESG strategy and sustainable investments

FTT Embedded Finance North America

Date: Dec 7, 2023

Venue: San Francisco, CA


Discover FTT Embedded Finance & Super-Apps North America – West Coast. Explore a future where the universe of potential financial services providers is expanding rapidly and beyond the traditional players. We will be convening an exciting and disruptive community of retailers, manufacturers, insurers, telcos, financial institutions, fintechs and tech innovators.

FinovateSpring 2024

Date: May 6-8, 2024

Location: San Francisco, CA

FinovateSpring is an exciting event that showcases the latest innovations in financial technology. It gathers fintech startups, established companies, investors, and influencers to present their cutting-edge solutions through live demos. Attendees can explore a wide array of fintech solutions spanning areas such as payments, wealth management, lending, regtech, insurtech, and more. FinovateSpring offers an immersive experience, allowing attendees to witness firsthand how these innovations can reshape the future of finance.

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