Embracing Disruption: Securing the Future of Competitive Advantage


SisPay S.A proudly announces Mr. Karim Zaitouni as the esteemed CEO, a visionary leader renowned for his expertise in entrepreneurship, innovation, and electronic transactions. With an illustrious background in technology and business management, Mr. Zaitouni brings a wealth of experience and a passion for driving innovation to his role at SisPay.
Mr. Zaitouni’s journey to success is marked by notable achievements and accolades, including his distinction as a laureate of the Polytechnic University in Europe and his MBA in Management of Innovation, also attained in Europe. These educational accomplishments have provided him with a strong foundation in technology and management, enabling him to lead with foresight and strategic vision.
As the CEO of SisPay S.A., Mr. Zaitouni spearheads an international company specializing in payment and added value services in electronic transactions. Under his leadership, SisPay serves customers across 36 countries in Africa, offering innovative solutions that revolutionize the digital payment landscape.
In addition to his role at SisPay S.A., Mr. Zaitouni serves as the CEO of the Moroccan national company OnePay S.A., dedicated to serving small and mass merchants. His leadership has been instrumental in driving growth and expanding market reach for both companies.
Furthermore, Mr. Zaitouni holds the position of CEO at SisPay Africa, a company based in Dubai, further solidifying his global presence and impact in the fintech industry.
Beyond his corporate responsibilities, Mr. Zaitouni is actively involved in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation on both national and international platforms. He serves as the President of the Export Commission at APEBi, the Moroccan National Federation of Digital Companies, advocating for the advancement of digital technologies and business opportunities.
Additionally, Mr. Zaitouni is the President of the Business Plus Network, an international professional business referral network operating under international ISO standards. This expansive networking platform connects professionals worldwide, fostering collaboration and growth opportunities across industries.
Recognized as an expert in entrepreneurship and innovative projects, Mr. Zaitouni is a sought-after international speaker, sharing his insights on entrepreneurship, innovation, and new technologies. His expertise and leadership have positioned him as a driving force in shaping the future of electronic transactions globally.
“At SisPay S.A., we are committed to pioneering innovative solutions that will become integral to the industry,” says Mr. Zaitouni. “Each product we develop requires skills, dedication, and boldness. We are proud to lead the way in leveraging smart technology to redefine electronic transactions.”
About SisPay S.A.: SisPay S.A. is a leading international company specializing in payment and added value services in electronic transactions. With a focus on innovation and customer-centric solutions, SisPay is dedicated to revolutionizing the digital payment landscape and driving financial inclusion worldwide.


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