Matteo Ros Receives Prestigious Excellence in Finance Award for Product 2024 at FiNext Awards 2024 in Dubai


FiNext Awards is delighted to announce the remarkable achievement of Matteo Ros, a leading figure in the finance industry, at the prestigious FiNext Awards 2024. Matteo’s SmartMoney Strategy has been honored with the coveted Excellence in Finance Companies award in the subcategory of “Product 2024,” a testament to his unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.


The FiNext Awards, held in Dubai on February 28th and 29th, 2024, celebrates outstanding achievements and innovation within the finance industry, gathering global industry leaders and visionaries.


Matteo’s dedication to pioneering new financial products and delivering exceptional value to his clients has been central to securing this prestigious recognition.


“I am incredibly honored to receive the Excellence in Finance award in the subcategory of ‘Product 2024’ at the FiNext Awards,” said Matteo Ros. “This recognition represents so many years of hard work in the development of the SmartMoney Strategy and my passion for developing innovative financial solutions that meet the evolving needs of my clients in an industry that I love so much.”


Throughout his journey, Matteo has consistently demonstrated a passion for redefining financial services. His commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry has enabled him to deliver a cutting-edge product, like the SmartMoney Strategy, tailored to the unique requirements of his clients.


Matteo Ros’s SmartMoney Strategy is a testament to his relentless pursuit of innovation. Designed to address the financial challenges of today and tomorrow, this product showcases his forward-thinking approach and dedication to the trading industry.


“The Excellence in Finance Companies award in the subcategory of “Product 2024″ is a reflection of Matteo’s unyielding dedication to excellence and innovation. His passion for pushing boundaries and his focus on customer-centric product development have set new standards within the trading industry. As the FiNext Awards 2024 celebrates excellence and innovation in Dubai, the recognition of Matteo’s SmartMoney Strategy is certain to have a lasting impact on the industry. His commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible demonstrates his dedication to excellence and innovation,” says FiNext Awards.


About Matteo Ros

Matteo Ros is a prominent trader, educator and portfolio manager in the industry, known for his commitment to developing disruptive and innovative solutions. His focus on creating cutting-edge strategies and software that address the unique needs of the finance and trading community has positioned him as a leader in the field. Matteo is dedicated to pioneering solutions that empower individuals and institutions in the trading sector throughout their financial journeys.


About FiNext Awards:

The FiNext Awards is a prestigious recognition program that acknowledges the remarkable efforts and accomplishments of individuals and companies in the finance and fintech sectors. With a keen focus on two main categories, “Excellence in Finance – Companies” and “Excellence in Finance Leaders,” we shine a spotlight on outstanding achievements and noteworthy contributions within the industry. 


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