Top Agriculture & AgTech events to attend in Dubai in 2024

Top Agriculture & AgTech events to attend in Dubai in 2024
Top Agriculture & AgTech events to attend in Dubai in 2024

Embark on a journey into the future of agriculture as we unveil the “Top Agriculture and AgTech Events to Attend in Dubai in 2024.” In a rapidly evolving global landscape, these events are gateways to the latest advancements in Agricultural Technology (AgTech). From innovative farming practices and sustainable solutions to cutting-edge technologies reshaping agribusiness, this compilation promises a comprehensive exploration of the industry’s forefront. Join industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts in Dubai, a hub of innovation, where these events will catalyze discussions, showcase breakthroughs, and foster collaborations. Stay ahead in the agricultural revolution and immerse yourself in a world of transformative ideas, strategies, and technologies at these must-attend AgTech gatherings.

  1. AgriNext Awards, Conference & Expo

    The AgriNext Conference, organized by InternetShine Technologies and AJ Group, beckons industry leaders to partake in a landmark event. Scheduled for November 13-14, 2024, at Crowne Plaza, Dubai, this two-day conference intertwines the Agriculture Tech Awards, insightful sessions, and an Expo unveiling cutting-edge solutions. Witness the celebration of trailblazers reshaping farming practices, delve into the avant-garde of agri-tech trends, and engage with key influencers. This convergence of agriculture and technology propels a sustainable future for global farming. Reporting from the forefront of agri-tech evolution, the AgriNext Conference invites you to be an integral part of this transformative journey.
    Date: 13-14 November, 2024
    Location: Crowne Plaza, Dubai Festival City, Dubai
    Cost: Passes start from USD699
    *Free entry into the exhibition area
  1. Agra Middle East Exhibition (AgraME): 
    The forthcoming event, slated for dates spanning October 7th to 8th in the year 2024, is poised to unfold its activities within the esteemed confines of the Dubai World Trade Center. Distinguished as the preeminent global exhibition within the agricultural sector, this gathering assumes the role of a pivotal stage for the showcasing of a diverse spectrum of agricultural commodities, cutting-edge technologies, and a plethora of services sourced from disparate corners of the world.
    Date: 7-8 October, 2024
    Location: Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai
  1. Agriforum Dubai:
    Scheduled to take place from September 9 to 11, 2024, at the esteemed Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, the upcoming event is none other than the 2nd International Forum on Agricultural Science and Technology. This distinguished forum is set to serve as a pivotal gathering for renowned researchers, esteemed scientists, and influential industry leaders. The primary focus of the event is to facilitate comprehensive discussions on the latest advancements in agricultural research and development. By providing a robust platform, the forum aims to foster an exchange of ideas and insights that will contribute significantly to the ongoing progress in the field of agriculture. As attendees converge in Dubai, the stage is set for three days of meaningful dialogue and collaboration, propelling the global agricultural community towards innovative solutions and sustainable practices.
    Date: 9-11 September, 2024
    Location: Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai
  1. AgroFarm Middle East (AgroFarm ME):
    Scheduled for the dates of October 7 to 8, 2024, the forthcoming event is poised to unfold at the prestigious Dubai World Trade Centre. This global exhibition is intricately woven around the intricate tapestry of animal farming, delving into multifaceted aspects of animal husbandry. Encompassing a comprehensive spectrum, the exhibition sheds light on key dimensions such as breeding, genetics, nutrition, and the nuanced domain of disease management within the realm of animal husbandry. As a hub for professionals and enthusiasts alike, the event aims to provide a comprehensive and immersive experience, fostering a profound understanding of the latest trends, innovations, and challenges within the dynamic landscape of animal farming. Against the backdrop of the Dubai World Trade Centre, these pivotal two days promise to be a confluence of knowledge, expertise, and cutting-edge developments, propelling the discourse on animal husbandry into new realms of possibility and sustainability.
    Date: 7-8 October, 2024
    Location:  Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai
  1. The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit Dubai:
    It is scheduled for December 9-10, 2024, at Conrad Dubai, and serves as a pivotal gathering for global industry leaders. This summit provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and in-depth discussions on cutting-edge trends in agricultural technology. The focus of the 2023 edition was centered around the theme of Climate-Smart Agriculture for Food Security in the MEASA (Middle East, Africa, and South Asia) region, reflecting a commitment to addressing key challenges and advancing sustainable agricultural practices. 
     Date: 9-10 December, 2024
    Location: Conrad Dubai
  1. The forthcoming International Conference on Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA):
    Set to transpire from March 5 to 7, 2024, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, this conference is a key player in agricultural discussions. Dedicated to the challenges and opportunities of using saline water for farming, it brings together experts, researchers, and practitioners to foster dialogue on innovative and sustainable strategies. The focus is on unraveling the complexities of bio-saline agriculture and understanding its global implications for food security and environmental sustainability.
    Date: 5-7 March, 2024
    Location: Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre
  1. Gulf Food, Hotel & Equipment Exhibition & Conference Dubai:
    Set to unfold from February 19-23, 2024, at the eminent Dubai World Trade Centre, the Gulf Food, Hotel & Equipment Exhibition & Conference in Dubai stands as a colossal spectacle in culinary and hospitality endeavors. Esteemed as the largest food and beverage trade show in the Middle East, this grand event magnetically draws exhibitors from every corner of the globe, creating a diverse and globalized showcase. Within its expansive halls, the exhibition unfolds a panorama of agricultural excellence, presenting a cornucopia of food products alongside the latest innovations in food processing and packaging technologies. The event transcends mere trade show conventions, evolving into an immersive experience that encapsulates the global tapestry of culinary arts, hospitality, and technological advancements in the food and beverage industry. Attendees can anticipate a multifaceted exploration of the latest trends, industry insights, and cutting-edge solutions that collectively define the contemporary landscape of gastronomy on a global scale.
    Date: 19-23 February, 2024
    Location: Dubai
  1. 4th Meeting on Food Nutrition and Nutraceuticals 2024: 
    The central focus of the Nutrition and Nutraceuticals Conference is to elevate awareness and address enduring nutritional disorders and diseases impacting the human population. This gathering functions as a platform where researchers, practitioners, and educators come together to share perspectives on recent breakthroughs, emerging trends, ongoing challenges, and viable solutions within the domain of nutrition and nutraceuticals.
    Date: 12 February, 2024
  1. Interpretation and Enforcement of Construction Contracts for Industrial Plants 2024
    Participate in a thorough examination of the Interpretation and Enforcement of Construction Contracts for Industrial Plants in 2024. This specialized event, designed for construction industry professionals, will delve into essential elements of interpreting and enforcing contracts specifically related to industrial plant projects. Throughout the event, industry experts will provide valuable insights into legal intricacies, risk management strategies, and optimal practices aimed at ensuring the successful delivery of projects.
    Date: 14 January 2024
    Location: Dubai, UAE
    Website: [email protected]
  1. International Crop-Science Conference & Exhibition 2024: 
    The ICSCE event draws individuals in pursuit of knowledge through conference sessions and workshops, establishing a platform for leaders worldwide to engage and uncover potential business prospects. With a participation of more than 1200 delegates, this event provides a prime opportunity to highlight your business through various sponsorship and exhibition choices. Take advantage of this chance to distinguish your brand and position it uniquely among others.
    Date: 08-09 Feb, 2024
    Location: Dubai

These events promise to be more than just gatherings; they are gateways to a sustainable, tech-driven agricultural revolution. Each event on our list is a unique opportunity to explore innovations, foster collaborations, and gain insights from industry leaders. As you mark your calendars for these transformative gatherings, anticipate a journey that goes beyond the conventional, propelling agriculture into a realm where technology, innovation, and sustainability converge. The future of farming awaits in Dubai, and these events are your tickets to be at the forefront of this exciting transformation. If you are an AgTech Event organizer and your event is missing here, please post it in the comment or email us at [email protected]


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